Ida Takes on the Balance Challenge to Help Vestibular Patients

By Amanda Farah Cox

As we get ready to launch our Transitions Management platform, the Ida Institute recently spent a week in England filming students of different ages. The videos will show the students in their school environments to help illustrate noise levels in classrooms, hallways, and assemblies among other spaces.

Senior Anthropologist Hans Henrik Philipsen and web editor Amanda Farah Cox visited Laycock Primary School in London, Grantham College in Grantham, and met with recent graduates at the Ear Foundation. There they met with children ages 7-11, teenagers from 16-18, and young adults aged 23 and 24, who all shared their experiences in education with a hearing impairment. Ida also had the opportunity to meet with teachers of the deaf, who discussed milestones they hope to see their students reach, and teachers of the deaf who have hearing impairments themselves and were able to reflect on their own experiences with transitions.

The videos will be a part of the Transitions Management platform, which will help parents, children, and young adults prepare for the changes involved in moving from one school to another, or from school out into the work force.

Thank you to everyone who made Ida’s visits possible, in particular Suzanne Harrigan, Sue Brownson, and Debbie Norman. The Transitions Management platform will launch by the end of 2016.