Ida Presents My World at Conference on Implantable Devices

By Amanda Farah Cox

The Ida Institute recently gave a presentation on the My World tool as part of the Implantable Devices: Making Decisions Together conference. The one-day event took place in Nottingham, England, and was hosted by the Ear Foundation.

Ida Learning and Innovation Specialist Jamie Owen gave the presentation, “Facilitate and understanding of hearing loss from the child’s point of view: The My World tool.” The presentation covered the finer details of My World from its inception, through its basis in play therapy, and into its aims and objectives. Conference participants were given a step-by-step breakdown of how to use the tool in their clinical sessions. They were also shown a brief video of the tool in action.

In the video, Eileen Rall – who participated in My World’s development – uses the tool with 9-year-old Ashlynn, and learns how Ashlynn manages the different personal relationships in her life. Participants had an opportunity to reflect on the video and how it demonstrates the different ways My World can be used to facilitate appointments with young clients.

The conference focused on the decision making process for families when determining if a cochlear implant or bone-anchored hearing aid is right for their child. My World can play a key role in helping a child explain his or her experiences with their hearing impairment, pre- or post-implantation.

Thank you to the Ear Foundation for the invitation and the chance to share our work.