Ida Presenting at International Congress in Audio-vestibular Medicine

By Amanda Farah Cox

The Ida Institute will be presenting at the 18th International Congress in Audio-vestibular Medicine, hosted by the International Association of Physicians in Audiology. This year’s IAPA will take place from 6-8 October, in Odense, Denmark.

Ida’s presentation will be part of a series on telemedicine. Ida Innovation and Learning Specialist Jamie Owen will cover how telehealth in audiology can be approached from the perspective of person-centered care. The presentation will offer an introduction to telehealth in audiology, revisit Ida’s Vision 2020 process – in particular our Telehealth work stream – and how that work stream led to the development of our Telecare platform. The presentation will look at how patients and hearing care professionals can both benefit from the use of teleaudiology, but will address the challenges and opportunities in equal measure.

Attendees will be introduced to the Ida Telecare tools, which will also be demonstrated. The Telecare tools can be used at different stages of a client’s journey, whether the first appointment, a follow-up appointment, or as maintenance, and are thus are a flexible way to keep patients engaged in their rehabilitation.

Ida’s presentation will take place on Saturday, 8 October. Registration is still open for the conference. To learn more, visit the IAPA2016 website.