Ida Presented at the British Tinnitus Association's Annual Conference

By Amanda Farah Cox

The Ida Institute gave a presentation this week at the annual British Tinnitus Association Conference in Sheffield, UK.

Ida Senior Audiologist Cherilee Rutherford gave a presentation on person-centered care in tinnitus management and counseling. Her presentation looked at the challenges faced by both tinnitus patients and the clinicians who treat them. She addressed these points through three ethnographic films that explore how hearing loss and post-traumatic stress disorder can affect tinnitus patients, as well as the impact of hyperacusis on patients.

After conducting plenary discussions on the challenges faced by both patients and clinicians, Cherilee introduced the three Tinnitus Management tools: The Tinnitus Communication Guide, the Tinnitus First Aid Kit, and the Tinnitus Thermometer. Cherilee explained who the target audience was for each tool and when it is appropriate to introduce them in a session.

Thank you to the British Tinnitus Association for inviting us to their event!