Ida Launches First Tool for Balance and Vestibular Disorders

By Amanda Farah Cox

Ida is pleased to announce the launch of our first tool to help patients with vestibular disorders. The BPPV Signpost is a postcard to help clinicians identify benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) in their patients.

BPPV is the leading cause of vertigo, and can often be triggered by a patient turning over in bed. The BPPV Signpost asks two simple questions about what triggers a patients vertigo. These questions, combined with a trained professional conducting a test called the Dix-Hallpike maneuver, can aid in a faster diagnosis of BPPV.

In addition to helping identify BPPV, the tool also aims to raise awareness in general of the condition, for which there exist effective treatments. The tool also directs to resources and information for both patients and professionals.

The tool is a product of the workshop, Balance Challenge: Working towards a clinically effective person-centered care pathway, which Ida hosted in Leicester, England, in October. Held in collaboration with the Ear Foundation, and with sponsorship from Interacoustics, the Balance Challenge brought together a multidisciplinary team of NHS employees, heads of departments, and hearing care professionals with the aim of finding patient pathways for balance patients.

We will continue to roll out more tools and resources for vestibular patients in the coming months.