The Ida Institute explores new funding opportunities

The world around us is changing rapidly, and there will soon be some changes at the Ida Institute too, leading to new opportunities for us, our global community, and person-centered hearing care.

We have been extremely privileged to be fully funded by the William Demant Foundation since our inception in 2007 and we are hugely grateful to them. The foundation has now decided to focus attention on more contained projects and our full funding will therefore come to an end in December 2022.

The Ida Institute is therefore now in the same position as many independent organizations around the world, seeking multi-year, project-based or other types of funding. As a consequence, from 2023, we are looking for new funding partnerships that can help us continue and hopefully expand our activities and reach.

We see this as an opportunity to diversify our sources of financial support, explore exciting new directions, and expand our global collaborations.

We are of course all about innovation and co-creation at Ida, and we are currently running an innovation process to develop a roadmap to Ida 2023 and beyond. We welcome all input, so please do get in touch if you have ideas.

Since we are fully funded throughout 2022, our projects will move ahead as planned, including the ongoing work of the Person-Centered Hearing Network.

We are confident that, with the support of our community, we can seize this opportunity to take the Ida Institute and person-centered hearing care into an exciting new future.

We will provide further updates in the coming months, but if you have specific questions about how these future changes will affect you as a member of the Ida Institute community, please get in touch at