Ida Collaborators Presented at the World Congress of Audiology

By Amanda Farah Cox

The 33rd World Congress of Audiology took place this week in Vancouver, Canada. A number of Ida collaborators presented their work at the World Congress, with many cross overs between their research and their contributions to Ida.

Advisory Board chairwoman Louise Hickson chaired a roundtable on Evidence Based Practices, which included Ida fellow Terry Chisolm as one of the participants. Founding Advisory Board member Adrian Davis co-chaired a roundtable on hearing as a global health priority – a project he similarly championed in his work for Ida’s Big Messages campaign.

Research Committee member Mel Ferguson and Ida fellow Jill Preminger both appeared on the panel Internet-Based Rehabilitation, on internet interventions. Mel presented results on her C2Hear reusable learning objects while Jill, who participated in our Vision 2020 process including the Telehealth work stream, presented on design considerations for self-management programs for adults with hearing loss. The panel was chaired by Eriksholm’s Ariane Laplante-Levesque.

Advisory Board DeWet Swanepoel chaired a on the panel about using teleaudiology to assess people with hearing loss. His fellow Advisory Board member Lucille Beck presented her work on how the VA is using teleaudiology to expand their scope of care on the same panel.

Research Committee member Joe Montano appeared a panel focusing on the limitations of hearing aids for musicians, treading familiar turf by discussing the psycho-social aspects of hearing loss and the trans-theoretical model.

Finally, Advisory Board member Christine Yoshinaga-Itano chaired and presented on the final session of the week, looking at relationship between language and social skills of deaf and hard of hearing children aged 3-5 years.

We are honored to continue to work with such an esteemed group of professionals, and are always excited to learn about their work. Thank you to our collaborators for their continued contributions.