Ena Nielsen Becomes New Ida Institute Associate Director

By Amanda Farah Cox

Ida is pleased to announce the promotion of our new Associate Director, Ena Nielsen. Ena has been with Ida since 2011, when she joined as a project manager and learning specialist. In her time with Ida, Ena has overseen a wide range of projects, workshops and trainings, given AAA and Audiology Online presentations, facilitated tool development, and ran our seminar on the Cochlear Implant Journey.

In her new role, Ena will continue to oversee certain projects. She will now be assuming management of Ida’s partnerships and research outcomes. We are delighted to have Ena step into this role and continue to organize and motivate our community members in new and creative endeavors.

Ena’s promotion comes with the departure of Sharmi Albrechtsen, Ida’s long-time Associate Director. Sharmi joined Ida in 2008, as web editor and became Associate Director in 2011. She is leaving Ida at the end of August to focus on her company, a line of toys to promote STEM engagement in young girls. We thank Sharmi for all she has done for Ida over the years and wish her the best of luck, and congratulate both her and Ena in their new roles.