Debut of Motivation Tools in South Korea

By Timothy Cooke

Ida Fellow Jiwon Chang presented the Ida Motivation Tools at the 19th Combined Congress of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery in Busan, South Korea on 12 October 2013.

Jiwon Chang’s presentation marks the first time the Ida Tools have been presented at a hearing care conference in South Korea. Approximately 1,000 ENT specialists attended the conference, which is the largest meeting of ENTs in South Korea.

The tools were well-received by the approximately 70 ENT specialists in attendance.

“When my presentation concluded, the audience showed great interest in the tools. The chairman of the conference thanked me for introducing such a valuable tool into the hearing health care field in South Korea,” states Jiwon Chang.

Audience members asked Jiwon Chang how they could integrate the Motivation Tools into their daily practice despite challenging time constraints.

Like many hearing care professionals working in public sector health systems, ENT specialists in South Korea are pressed for time. While they are very familiar with informational counseling techniques to draw information from patients, the challenge is to find time to add a new technique like the Motivation tools to their standard procedure.

“To use the Motivation Tools in consultation sessions with patients, we know that ENT doctors would have to spend more time with each patient. But, in our current medical environment, ENT doctors can only offer 5-7 minutes for each patient,” states Jiwon Chang.

Jiwon Chang explained to the audience that she was able to successfully integrate the Motivation Tools into her clinic’s procedure by partnering with the audiologists on her team. By working together, where both the ENT and the audiologist uses the tools with patients, they were able to save time and effectively use the tools.

“In our clinic, it was too much for ENT doctors alone to promote patient motivation. It required too much time and effort. For me, I work together with an audiologist when counseling hearing loss patients," states Jiwon. "In the initial consultation, I spend a brief amount of time using the Motivation Tools with the patient. On the same day, the audiologist will follow-up with the patient using the Motivation Tools for a greater amount of time. By using the tools in this way, we have been able to see a positive effect. With the tools, it appears that patients are more motivated to take action on their hearing.”

Jiwon Chang, MD, PhD, is an ENT specialist at Anam Hospital, Korea University Medical Center in Seoul, South Korea. She attended the Ida Institute seminar on Managing Change in the Clinic. To follow-up on her presentation, she is planning to write an article in the Korean ENT Medical Journal on using the Motivation Tools with persons with hearing loss.