The Ida Institute

The Ida Institute is an independent, non-profit organization with the vision to foster a better understanding of the human dynamics of hearing loss.

Together with professionals from every area of hearing care we work to make patient centered care the preferred practice in clinic settings around the world.  The tools you will discover on this website are a direct result of this collaborative effort. Ida tools are developed to empower hearing care professionals to engage with patients and in so doing, better address each patient’s needs.

Our website is also a free and open collaborative space where we invite you to share knowledge, information and resources.

We are funded through a grant from the Oticon Foundation.

Latest news

Winning Logo Selected in International Ear Care Day Competition

TUE APR 21, 2015

“Listening to the World” was submitted by a team at the China Rehabilitation Research Center for Deaf Children. It was chosen for its friendly, inviting appearance.

Ida Begins Work on Transitions Management Project

FRI APR 17, 2015

Growing up can be difficult enough. For children with hearing loss and their families, however, there are additional challenges to navigate as well as the usual adjustments children go through.

Thinking Innovatively: An Interview with Nosco's Jesper Müller-Krogstrup

TUE APR 07, 2015

To help our Vision 2020 participants adjust to this new method of thinking, Ida invited Jesper Müller-Krogstrup to give a presentation at our Tele-health meeting. 


Recent Forum Entry: Rejection Therapy and Audiology

Rejection therapy is a method by which people with anxieties intentionally set themselves up for rejection to help build up their coping mechanisms. Could a similar tactic work for people with hearing loss? What scenarios could be tried, and what strategies could be devised to make the exercise productive?

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Just because the patient is not complaining doesn’t mean that we are completely meeting their needs. You have to realize that with many patients they just don’t know what to expect.

Recent Forum Entry: The concept of "normal" and its impact of self-identity and social-identity in hearing healthcare

Hearing loss is a normal part of life, and encouraging this belief begins with hearing healthcare workers. In this on-going topic, users are sharing articles and discussing evolving social norms as they relate to hearing loss and broader topics.  

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Recommended features

Mar 2015: Ida in the VA
Ida Tools in VA Clinics

Ida Tools in VA Clinics

VA committee recommends the use of Ida Tools within audiological rehabilitation.
Feb 2015: Long Distance Learning
Long Distance Learning
Long Distance Learning
From Ida's courses to the School of Dentistry of Bauru at the University of Sao Paulo's 18-month course, we're exploring different ways to teach patient centered care in audiology online.


Motivation Tools

Patient motivation

Assess patient motivation and encourage patients to take responsibility for their own actions and take action on their hearing loss.

Communication Partners

Work with the patient to identify the most important people in their social network and to develop a shared strategy for communication.

Living Well

Living Well with Hearing Loss

Bring the patient's daily life and specific needs into the appointment as you identify communication situations that are relevant and important to them.