Lorraine Gailey

From Lorraine

I am the Chief Executive of Hearing Concern LINK, a UK organisation in the voluntary sector whose remit is to enhance the quality of life of adults living with acquired hearing loss (their own, or a relative’s). 

We deliver support and services in the community through trained peer support volunteers. I’ve worked in this field for over 20 years, having come from the academic sector previously; my relevant professional qualifications are in psychology and speech pathology.  

My primary interests lie in empowering individuals and families to make the most of the opportunities life offers, no matter what obstacles may lie in their way (and severe hearing loss poses many obstacles!). My preferred teaching style is highly interactive. 

I believe we all learn best when our teacher reaches out to us where we are, rather than delivering pre-set information; and I also believe every student has something to offer the teacher, which is often not able to be passed on due to an overly formalised teaching environment.

I live with my husband, our two young teenage children, and an assortment of pets by the sea in Eastbourne.  I enjoy painting, hill walking, and reading; but my secret obsession is Star Trek (the original series).  I’ve not yet attended a convention of fellow trekkies – but I live in hope!


Dr Gailey completed a degree in psychology and PhD in the psychology of lipreading at Queens University Belfast in the late 1970’s.  She lectured in applied psychology to undergraduate vocational students at the University of Ulster from 1980-1988, during which time she also qualified as a speech and language therapist.  From 1984 she headed the Department of Speech & Language Therapy at the University, and she also sat on the Accreditation Board of the College of Speech & Language Therapists.  

She joined LINK Centre for Deafened Adults in 1988 as it was the only national resource available to support people living with acquired profound hearing loss (APHL).  She became Chief Executive in 1991, and managed the organisation through a very active and successful period of expansion and growth.   Over the past year, LINK and Hearing Concern (the national body for adults with all degrees of acquired hearing loss) worked towards merging in order to strengthen the voice of adults with acquired hearing loss.  Dr Gailey became Chief Executive of the resulting merged organisation Hearing Concern LINK on 1 October 2008.  


Giving our Clients What they Need

Lorraine Gailey outlines how we can provide an environment that enables us to connect with our clients. Duration: 25 min >>