John Greer Clark

I have been in private practice for most of my professional career after starting my first practice in 1982.

I joined the audiology faculty at the University of Cincinnati in 2003, first as an adjunct and subsequently full time, while continuing in private practice with my wife, Suzanne. 

At UC I teach a variety of classes dealing with hearing loss treatment and practice management and serve as the director of the audiology clinics.  I prefer an interactive teaching environment with students who challenge me to improve myself. 

My wife and I live with two of our three children, one having moved on to New York City – soon to be following her new husband to San Francisco.  We live in a small community within Cincinnati, Ohio, which neighbors the university campus.  I am a habitual runner and reader and with my wife a novice sailor.  


Perceptions and Motivation

John Greer Clark examines the ways we communicate with our clients and the communication mismatch dilemma. Duration: 25 min >>

Bringing it All Back Home

John Greer Clark explores how we can enable clients to tell us about the true impact of hearing loss on their lives.
Duration: 25 min >>