Series Topic

Person-Centered Care: Fluff, Fact or Fiction?

This seminar series explored the relationships among language, identity, and person-centeredness.

Some questions we considered include:

  • What does being person-centered mean to us and to our clients?

  • What challenges do we experience during the clinical encounter when managing clients in a holistic manner and addressing the human dynamics of hearing loss?

  • What underlying skills or practical tools do we need to anchor person-centeredness in our daily practice?


We explored together with our faculty of subject matter experts and participants the challenges we experience in anchoring person-centered care in daily practice and looked for a way forward for integrating it into our practice.


We have completed the two seminars that were part of the Person-Centered Care seminar series. However, our work on the topic is not over. We will continue to work with faculty members and seminar participants to develop our understanding of the topic and to identify innovative tools to meet unmet needs in the clinic.