Biopyschosocial Approach in Patient/Relationship Centered Care


This chapter examines the need to shift audiologic practice from the traditional biomedical model of service delivery to a model that better meets the needs of patients and their families by addressing the impact hearing impairment has on communication, psychosocial functioning and adjustment, and the quality of life.  The shift mirrors widespread recommendations and changes occurring throughout health care that are designed to enhance treatment efficacy and outcomes by implementing service delivery models that center on the person, rather than on the disease or impairment.  The biopsychosocial approach places counseling at the forefront of intervention as the foundation of audiology's therapeutic context, therapeutic process, and therapeutic activities. 


Sue Ann Erdman


Erdman, S. A. (2013). The biospychosocial approach in patient- and relationship-centered care: implications for audiologic counseling. In J. Montano and J. B. Spitzer (Eds.),  Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation (second edition, pp. 159-206). San Diego, California: Plural Publishing.