Patient Motivation in Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation


As the successful use of hearing aids and other assistive technology is paramount to an overall audiologic rehabilitation program, the purpose of this chapter is to present the concept of motivational engagement as a means to help patients actively address their own internal motivation to accept and act upon audiologic rehabilitative recommendations. 

The article presents the Line, the Box, and the Circle as effective tools to explore patient motivation and open a discussion with patients about the advantages and disadvantages of taking action. They represent a simple system of practical resources used to tap directly into a patient's internal motivation during a critical decision-making period. 


John Greer Clark and Carissa Maatman Weiser


Clark, J.G., and Weiser, C.M. (2013). Patient Motivation in Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation. In J. Montano and J. B. Spitzer (Eds.), Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation (second edition, pp. 159-206). San Diego, California: Plural Publishing.