Older Adults and Hearing Help-Seeking Behaviors


The authors review the current literature on help seeking for hearing health care among older adults. Untreated hearing loss can lead to numerous negative secondary consequences; uptake and use of hearing aids remain low, despite the fact that hearing aids provide an effective treatment option for older adults with hearing loss.

The authors describe models relevant to understanding the help-seeking and decision-making behaviors of older adults with hearing loss and discuss recommendations for future research. One of the models they describe is the transtheoretical model of behavioral change, which serves as the foundation for the Ida Institute's Motivation Tools.


Gabrielle H. Saunders, Theresa H. Chisolm, and Margaret I. Wallhagen


Saunders, G., Chisolm, T., and Wallhagen, M. (2012). Older Adults and Hearing Help-Seeking Behaviors. American Journal of Audiology, Vol. 21, 331-337.