Feasibility of Implementing Motivation Tool in an NHS Audiology Clinic

Research Aims

(i) To assess the feasibility of implementation of ME within NHS audiology clinics. 

(ii) To identify the challenges in delivering ME and associated solutions. 

(iii)To develop an ethnographic documentary to support the training of audiologists in motivational engagement. 

Summary and Conclusions

Tools are best employed at initial assessment, to be followed up at fitting.

Information can be revealed that affects the direction of the fitting appointment and subsequent counselling, which can potentially improve the patient outcome.

Elements of the history can be preferentially replaced with the ME tools without detriment to the patient or creating additional time constraints.

The tools provide a framework that appear to tap into the patient's needs and motivations more readily than a standard history.

Clinicians were enthusiastic to use these patient-centered tools routinely in clinical practice - you can do the same!


Melanie Ferguson, Holly Thomas, E. Balmer, William Brassington, Naomi Russell, and Melanie Gregory


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