The Need and Uses of the Ida ‘My World’ Counselling Tool in Paediatric Rehabilitation for Hearing-Impaired Children


A study conducted by Jessica Round at the University of Western Australia found that hearing care professionals believe that the My World tool can help improve and enhance the outcomes of pediatric rehabilitation.

For her master’s thesis in clinical audiology, Jessica Round explored whether Ida’s My World tool is needed in professional clinics as part of a pediatric rehabilitation program for hearing impaired children. In the study, Jessica interviewed 28 professionals, including audiologists, Teachers of the Deaf, and psychologists, along with five hearing impaired participants.

A majority of the professionals interviewed for the study felt that My World would help them obtain the child’s perspective of their hearing loss. They felt the tool would enable them to guide the child through a pathway of self-advocacy and self-management in a non-threatening fashion.

While some professionals doubted whether there would be adequate time to add My World to their current practice, a majority of the professional agreed that the child’s perspective needed more of a voice in the consultation session. A more holistic approach rather than one that focuses on audiological information and testing was important. All of the survey participants, for instance, thought that all hearing care professionals should be using the tool and that it should be used during annual reviews with children.


Jessica Round