Adding Closure to the Dispensing Process: Large Group Aural Rehabilitation and its Role in Hearing Health Care


The following paper by John Greer Clark, PhD, looks at the possibility of providing adult clients with important information through the use of large groups.

Clark argues that the time required to run small-group sessions may be too great for many audiological practices, and he sees the use of large groups as an acceptable compromise. He rightly points out that there is much useful information available for hearing care professionals who want to expand the services provided to clients, and this makes the task of planning information sessions much easier.

Clark suggests that the sessions can be held in local community centers, hospitals, or churches, which offer the chance to reach a much wider range of people with hearing loss.This paper provides a great deal of food for thought, particularly for the dispensing professional who wants to expand the services offered to adults.

- Geoff Plant, Australian teacher of the deaf


John Greer Clark


Clark, J. G. (2002) Adding closure to the dispensing process: Large group aural rehabilitation and its role in hearing health care. The Hearing Review, 9(3), 34-37.