Our Services

If you are looking to build a more person-centered team within your organization, our experienced presenters are available for in-person presentations, workshops, and training sessions. We offer several options, spanning one-hour introductions to person-centered care as a concept to intensive two-day train-the-trainer sessions. Take a look at our offerings below, and send an email to contact@idainstitute.dk to engage our services.


Ida’s presentations are one-hour introductions to different topics. Our presentations are interactive and include ethnographic videos and reflective exercises. Presentations can be on the concept of person-centered care or can focus on specific topics such as motivational interviewing, how to include communication partners, or tinnitus. Participants will come away from the presentation with an overview of the chosen topic and inspiration on how they can rethink their current practice. They are suitable for an unlimited number of participants.


For a more detailed focus on one of our topics, we recommend a workshop. Our workshops offer an in-depth and hands-on look at Ida tools and methods. Each workshop is customized to your needs and requests and lasts between two and six hours according to those requests. They are suitable for up to 40 participants. By the end of a workshop, participants should have a complete idea of how to use the Ida tools and methods presented and be ready to try using them in clinical practice.


Ida’s train-the-trainer program is a two-day intensive session. Participants will learn to train others in how to implement person-centered care. Suitable for up to 25 people, the train-the-trainer program begins before the training sessions with online coursework that will give the participants a foundation in person-centered practices. By the end of the session, participants will be ready to share their newly gained knowledge with colleagues. Ida will provide ethnographic videos, PowerPoint presentations with detailed speaker notes, and handouts to help them conduct their own training sessions. Ida will conduct two follow-up phone calls or video chat sessions to check on the new trainers’ progress and answer additional questions.

Pricing varies based on number of participants, duration of the program, customization needs, and other details.