Recipients Chosen for Ida Research Committee Grants

By Amanda Farah Cox

The Ida Institute is pleased to announce the projects that have been awarded grants through our Research Committee. Projects headed by Nerina Scarinci, Katie Ekberg, and Janet Jamieson have each been awarded funds to further research regarding Ida tools and person-centered care.

The first project, led by Nerina Scarinci at the University of Queensland, will use Ida’s Living Well tool to refocus appointments on positive communication and lifestyle decisions as opposed to the negatives of living with hearing loss. It will involve training audiologists to use Living Well and will gauge audiologist, person with hearing loss, and communication partner reactions to appointments involving the tool. It will also judge how the tool influences an appointment.

The second project, led by Katie Ekberg, also of the University of Queensland, will use the Line to look at a person with hearing loss’s readiness for change as of their first appointment with a hearing care professional.  It will also look at whether or not using the tool during an initial appointment helps personalize care. The motivational interviews will be recorded and analyzed to compare using the Line to standard care protocols.

The third project, led by Janet Jamieson of the University of British Columbia, is investigating the impact of hearing loss on the families of children who have survived cancer. Hearing loss is a notable side effect of chemotherapy in children, and the study will look at what information is needed to support these children and their parents in their hearing rehabilitation. A multi-disciplinary team including an audiologist and a counseling psychologist will be responsible for the research.

Research for the three projects will begin in September and run for up to one year. We look forward to seeing the results and sharing them with the Ida community.