New Ida Workshop: Understanding My Hearing

By Amanda Farah Cox

The Ida Institute is getting ready for our latest workshop, “Understanding My Hearing,”  which will be held 4-5 December in Skodsborg, Denmark.

The purpose of the workshop is to examine how hearing is discussed within an appointment. What do people with hearing loss need and want to know, and what information is crucial for clinicians to relate?

“The idea for this workshop came from years of feedback from people with hearing loss that the audiogram is not easy for everyone to understand,” says Ida Managing Director Lise Lotte Bundesen. “This affects people’s ability to understand and relate to their hearing loss. This why the goal of the workshop is to develop practical tools and resources that can help people with hearing loss better understand the status of their hearing, its implications, to help them explain the audiogram once they leave the appointment, and to make informed decisions with their families and hearing care professionals about further management.”

The workshop brings together a group of clinicians, academics, and people with hearing loss to get a broad spectrum of perspectives.

Workshop participants include:

  • Louise Hickson, AU
  • Karin Guldager, DK
  • Søren Guldager, DK
  • Pelle Karlsson, DK
  • Vera-Genevey Hlayisi
  • Jinsook Kim, KR
  • Priya Carling, UK
  • Juliet Coleman, UK
  • Jeremy Coleman, UK
  • Laura Turton, UK
  • Tricia Ashby-Scabis, UK
  • Darcy Benson, US
  • Niall Klyn, US
  • Paula Myers, US
  • Ann Rancourt, US
  • David Zapala, US
  • Greta Stamper, US

We’ll be sharing further insights from the workshop on the Ida website next week, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. For further insight, watch this video interview with David Zapala about hearing care beyond technology.