Ida Telecare Tools in the Media

By Amanda Farah Cox

The Ida Institute has recently contributed two articles to ENT and Audiology News on telehealth. Both articles focus on Ida Telecare, the ease with which clinicians can introduce person-centered care into their practices using these tools, and the advantages to both the professional and their clients.

In the current March/April issue, Ida Managing Director Lise Lotte Bundesen co-authored an article on telehealth with Ida Advisory Board Member Deborah Ferrari. They introduce telehealth in audiology at its basic tenets and explore the different options for using telehealth in counseling and audiology education. There is a particular focus on the possibilities for using telehealth as a way of improving person-centered care, both by increasing the efficiency of the appointments and thus allowing more time for counseling and as a way of extending care for the clients beyond the clinical appointment.

Deborah Ferrari also explains how she uses telehealth at the University of Sao Paulo as a means to train clinicians in pediatric specialties, expanding care options for families across Brazil. Read more about Deborah’s long distance learning course here.

In the January/February issue of ENT and Audiology News, Ida Associate Director Ena Nielsen wrote specifically about Ida’s new telecare tools and resources for teens and tweens. The article explains the concept behind Transitions Management and how using Ida’s Telecare for Teens and Tweens tools can help young people self-manage their hearing impairments.

Visit our Telecare and Telecare for Teens and Tweens pages to learn more about the tools.