Educating Trainers Around the World: The Ida Train the Trainer Program

By Timothy Cooke

The Ida Institute plans to launch a new training program to expand the global reach and impact of Ida’s tools and methods. The Train the Trainer will prepare trainers to create and deliver their own training programs on the Ida Motivation tools: the Line, the Box, and the Circle.

“It represents a new and exciting way to provide actionable knowledge to hearing care professionals around the world,” said Managing Director, Lise Lotte Bundesen.

Over time, the program will create a group of Ida Trainers spanning the globe. These Ida Trainers will be ready to return to their respective communities and teach other hearing care professionals on how to use the Ida Motivation tools.

Similar to most Ida activities, the workshops will emphasize interaction, collaboration, reflection and discussion. Instead of instructing participants on how to train others, the workshops will serve as incubators for collaboration and innovation. Drawing upon personal experience and the collective knowledge of the group, participants will develop a training program they feel will be most effective in their home country or region.

On the first day of the 2-day workshop, participants will learn how to use the Ida Motivation tools and explore Ida learning methods. Through reflection, participants will consider the learning approaches that can best prepare and motivate other hearing care professionals to use the tools.

On the second day, participants will transition from reflection to creation. They will pair off in groups to develop individual learning programs. At the end of the day, each individual will present their training program to the group. This will allow everyone to improve and modify their programs based on the collective findings of the group.

The first Train the Trainer session will be held on April 30th and May 1st at University College of London. For more information about the program, please contact Ida audiologist Karen Parfitt at