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New Partnership with ASHA

New Partnership with ASHA

Fri Sep 21, 2018 11:57 AMBy Amanda Farah Cox

The Ida Institute is very proud to announce our partnership with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). ASHA is the national professional, scientific, and credentialing association in the United States for 198,000 members and affiliates who are audiologists; speech-language pathologists; speech, language, and hearing scientists; audiology and speech-language pathology support personnel; and students.

"Ida is very pleased to be partnering with ASHA, an organization whose reach and influence is respected throughout the speech and hearing community," says Ida Managing Director Lise Lotte Bundesen. "We are also looking forward to beginning our association with an organization equally dedicated to audiology and speech-language pathology. This is an exciting opportunity to extend person-centered care to a wider audience of professionals devoted to helping people improve their communication."

ASHA's Chief Executive Officer, Arlene Pietranton, says, "Ida Institute's excellent resources and tools are valuable to our members' work with people with hearing loss. Ida's focus on patient-centered rehabilitative care is inspirational, and aligns with ASHA's vision of making effective communication, a human right, accessible and achievable for all."

One of Ida's first activities as part of the new collaboration will be to attend this year's annual ASHA Convention in Boston, MA, 15-17 November. Ida will host a two-hour Hands-on Lab to introduce our tools and methods, as well as person-centered care in audiology and tinnitus management in particular.


HL21: Hands-On Lab: Ida Institute Tools for Supporting Person-Centered Care in Audiology

Date: Saturday, November 17, 09:30 AM

Location: CC/Hall C Lab 2