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New Resources for the Cochlear Implant Journey

New Resources for the Cochlear Implant Journey

Tue Sep 29, 2015 10:39 AMBy Amanda Farah Cox

The Ida Institute has just established a new section on our website that highlights knowledge, findings and video from our seminar, "Successes, Gaps and Challenges in CI Rehabilitation: The CI Journey for Children and their Families."

The section addresses what resources children with cochlear implants and their families need to thrive. The switch-on moment of a child starts a long journey of therapy and work not only for the patient, but also for the family, especially the parents. The outcome of the journey is healthy, independent child, and a family that can provide the support the child needs.

Key points for a successful journey from the professional’s point of view are early diagnosis; counselling, including appropriately conveying information to someone who is not familiar with hearing loss and rehabilitation; and emotional support for family and child.

The new resources section highlight the key learnings from our seminar, lectures and ethnographic videos.