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Ida Booth and Learning Module at AudiologyNow!

Ida Booth and Learning Module at AudiologyNow!

Mon Apr 11, 2016 09:21 AMBy Amanda Farah Cox

The Ida Institute attended this year’s AudiologyNOW! Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, from 13-15 April. Ida had a booth where we introduced and demonstrated our tools and answered questions related to our work.

AAA also saw the launch of our Big Messages video competition. The Big Messages are the latest phase of our Vision 2020 process. We asked participants to make short videos about why hearing is important to them. The best video will win an Apple iPad. You can watch and share the submissions at the Big Messages website.

In addition to the booth, Ida Learning Specialist Ena Nielsen presented with Ida Advisory Board Member Christine Yoshinaga-Itano. Their presentation, “Understanding the Patient Journey of Children with CIs and their Families,” followed up on the Ida Institute’s 2015 seminar, “Successes, Gaps and Challenges in CI Rehabilitation: The CI Journey for Children and their Families.” Participants got to see video interviews with parents of children with CIs, discuss the needs of the families, and saw a demonstration of Ida’s My Turn to Talk tool.

Thank you to everyone who came to the presentation and stopped by Ida's booth. We look forward to continuing the discussion in our Forum.