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Cochlear Implant Journey Presentation on Audiology Online

Cochlear Implant Journey Presentation on Audiology Online

Fri Jun 17, 2016 08:03 AMBy Amanda Farah Cox

The Ida Institute will share the latest in our series of web presentations for Audiology Online later this month. Our next presentation will be Successes, Gaps and Challenges in CI Rehabilitation: the CI Journey for Children and Their Families.

The presentation will review Ida’s work from our 2015 seminar of the same name, giving a brief overview of the topics covered and tool development. It will ultimately introduce the resources and our My Turn to Talk tool that were produced as a result of the collaborations at the seminar.

Participants in the Audiology Online presentation will see our ethnographic video, “As Much Empathy as I Thought was Necessary” to get a visualization of the impact hearing impairment has on the family of a young child. The video about 6-yaer-old Kate will lead an exploration of how one can relate the news of a hearing impairment to a family, as well as the work required on the part of the family to help their child succeed post-implantation and switch on.

The presentation also aims to address the challenges faced by families and professionals, including helping families make informed decisions regarding their child’s cochlear implant and advocating for appropriate support for families and children throughout the CI Journey.

Ida Learning Specialist Ena Nielsen will give the presentation on Wednesday, June 22 at 12pm EST through the Audiology Online website.

To see previous Ida presentations, visit our page at Audiology Online.