PCC mythbusters

Investigating how person-centered care is good for clients and business

We investigated common misconceptions about person-centered care to debunk common myths and show why clinics, dispensers, and hospitals can benefit from this approach. As part of our investigation, we interviewed hearing care professionals in different countries and collected research on the benefits of person-centered care.  Explore how we debunked the four myths below and learn how person-centered care can be a positive addition to your practice.

"Takes too much time"

Do person-centered methods lead to longer appointments and longer work hours for hearing care professionals? 

"Not cost-effective"

Person-centered care may lead to better outcomes, but will it help my bottom line and increase the profitability of my private clinic?

"Too emotional"

Will opening a discussion with the client lead to an outpouring of emotions that is difficult to manage? 

"Clients already satisfied"

Why should I take the time to implement a person-centered approach in my clinic if client needs are already being met?

Meet the mythbusters

We collaborated with hearing care professionals from both public and private practice to gain their perspectives on person-centered care.