Ida Learning Hall

Learning is a life-long endeavor. For most of us, the end of our formal education is not the end of our professional learning experiences. As new research is published and new technologies and techniques emerge, we are all called upon to update our current skills, both for our benefit and the benefit of our clients. While a lifetime of learning sounds inspiring, for many of us the practicalities of education are more complicated. Full-time jobs, families, and daily obligations can make it difficult to make time for professional development. The Ida Institute took all of these factors into consideration when designing our new learning and discussion space for hearing care professionals, the Ida Learning Hall.

What is the Ida Learning Hall?

Looking to update your skills? Want to ask your hearing care professional peers and experts in experts in the field questions? The Learning Hall is a new space for eLearning and discussion. It's a mobile-friendly solution to help you keep up-to-date on the go, whether you're looking to gain professional development credits or just curious about what others are discussing.

Learning Hall Courses

Motivating Your Clients

Learn about motivational interviewing and the theory behind Ida's Motivation Tools.

Life with Hearing Loss

Learn how to use Ida's Living Well tool and the concepts behind treating hearing loss holistically.


Gain insights into life with tinnitus, effective counseling techniques, and the habituation process.

From the editor

The Ida Learning Hall is the first learning platform for hearing care professionals entirely dedicated to person-centered care. It provides an opportunity for hearing care professionals of all levels to strengthen their practices by further developing and boosting their counseling skills and person-centered approach. We wanted to design an interactive learning and discussion space which takes into consideration the busy schedules of hearing care professionals today – from students, to clinicians, to educators.   The Learning Hall course design was influenced by Ida community members. While developing the Learning Hall, the Ida Institute reached out to different members of our community to find out more about their preferred online learning styles. What we discovered was that few people have time to sit down in front of their computer for an hour to focus on a lesson. For many people, learning occurs after work hours, such as on the couch, on the bus, or in the car. The reason why people seek learning is that they have an immediate need or problem to solve, and a majority prefer to receive learning in short bursts.

How and where do hearing care professionals like to learn?

A poll conducted on the Ida Institute website found that 40% of respondents preferred to do their learning at home, not in an office.
The Learning Hall is designed to be accessible in terms of technological compatibility and lesson structure. It is built around “learning bites,” short pieces of content that are easy to digest on the go. The learning bites include brief videos (under five minutes in length), quizzes, and articles. This is allows you to go through as many pieces of content as you have time for in a sitting and come back later for more.
Get a taste of our eLearning course with this introductory video.
For those with formal learning needs, the platform also offers complete courses. Users can accumulate the short, bite-sized lessons over time to complete a course and obtain CEU/CPD points from an accrediting organization. The courses have already been accredited by the American Academy of Audiology for continuing education units, as well as other accrediting bodies.

In the Learning Hall you can:

  • Learn more about Ida tools
  • Earn CEU/CPD points
  • Update your skills in a flexible setting
The Learning Hall is also a place for discussion. Inspired by social media, it allows the users to comment on content, ask questions, submit ideas, upload articles, share links, and start their own discussions around different topics. The Learning Hall launched with courses on two topics: Motivating Your Clients and Life with Hearing Loss. The topics teach visitors to the Learning Hall about how to use relevant Ida tools and provide a place for users to share their own experiences – including videos of their own clinical encounters – and ask questions. You can also learn about the theories and principles that informed the tools’ development. To explore the Learning Hall, log in to your Ida account and follow the link from our top menu.