Advisory Board

Louise Hickson

Ph.D. Professor of Audiology Co-Director,
Communication Disability Centre
The University of Queensland

Lucille Beck

Ph.D. Director of Audiology and Speech Pathology Service for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Christine Yoshinaga-Itano

Ph.D. Professor of Audiology
Institute of Cognitive Science
Center for Neurosciences
University of Colorado

DeWet Swanepoel

Ph.D. Communication Pathology
Professor, Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
University of Pretoria

Deborah Ferarri

Ph.D. Professor, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology Department School of Dentistry of Bauru
University of São Paulo 

Darcy Benson

Au.D., Audiologist & Practice Owner
California Hearing Center and Audiology Services, Inc.

Melanie Gregory

CEO, Ear Foundation, UK

Uwe Hermann

Senior Director and Head of Eriksholm Research Centre