The Tool in Action

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Regitze Willemoës is an audiologist with a tinnitus clinic in Copenhagen. In these videos, she uses the Tinnitus Management tools with Amanda, a 31-year-old Ménière's patient with chronic tinnitus. Amanda was diagnosed five years earlier, and is normally not bothered by her tinnitus. However, after a recent episode of vertigo, she feels that her tinnitus is louder than usual and is concerned.

In the first video, Regitze uses the Tinnitus Thermometer to get Amanda to explain how her tinnitus is affecting her at the time of the appointment, and what she is hoping to gain from the appointment.

In the second video, Regitze uses the Tinnitus Communication Guide to understand Amanda's relationship with her tinnitus, and how much it impacts on her life.

Regitze uses these tools to gauge how her client is being affected by tinnitus, particularly compared to how tinnitus affects her. With these insights, Regitze is able to offer relevant counseling and advice.