Join a group

Have you ever had questions about your hearing technology? Or wondered if there is a better way to manage communication? Then you may want to think about joining a group. Group sessions are mostly run by audiologists and allow you and your partner to talk to others with hearing loss about how to cope in daily life. They are a terrific place to get tips and tricks and to get to know others in the same situation.

For example, you can share experiences on how to:

  • Explore possible technologies and how to use them
  • Manage communication in places with a lot of background noise
  • Tell others that you have a hearing loss
  • Invite your friends and family to support you
  • … and much more

We talked to couples after they participated in a group session. Hear their comments.

A woman tells the group that her hearing loss made her feel left out when she was a child. Her family made no effort to include her in conversation. The group talks about how to manage social isolation and develop the courage to speak up for yourself.

You cannot always plan communication. Pretend you go to the theater with your grandchild. You want to buy some popcorn,  but that's when the problems start. Hear the tips and tricks from the participants in a group session on how they would manage these challenges.