Meet our Collaborators

We want to thank the following people with whom we collaborated to develop this tool.

Alice Holmes

Professor of Audiology at the University of Florida

Deborah Ferrari

Professor, Department of Audiology, College of Bauru, University of Sao Paulo

Andy Lau

Doctor of Audiology Extern, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Eileen Rall

Audiologist, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and Adjunct Faculty at Salus University

Barbara Weinstein

Professor and Executive Officer, Audiology (Au.D.) Program, Graduate Center, CUNY

Paula Schauer

Audiologist and Clinical Supervisor and Instructor in Aural Habilitation and Rehabilitation, University of Maryland

Carol Cokley

Clinical Associate Professor, University of Texas at Dallas Callier Center for Communication Disorders

Sharon Sandridge

Director, Audiology Clinical Services, Cleveland Clinic

Danielle Rocktachel

Pediatric audiologist, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia