Overview of Person-Centered Care

Module 1

There are many definitions of person-centered care, but at the Ida Institute, we understand person-centered care to be healthcare that is designed around the client's needs, wants, and perspectives. 

Person-centered care respects the client's preferences and values, involves their family and friends, reinforces shared decision-making and goal setting, and prioritizes the free-flow of information.

Fundamental Principles

In the videos below, audiologist Deborah Ferrari from the University of Sao Paulo Bauru, provides an overview of the fundamental principles of person-centered care that audiology students have been exposed to during their curriculum. Ferrari  discusses why person-centered care is important and identifies barriers to practicing in a person-centered fashion.

What Helps and Hinders

In this lecture, Lorraine Gailey explains why it is important to listen to the client and what helps and hinders person-centered practices in the clinic. Duration: 25 min