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Three Modules

Person-Centered Care

1. Overview of Person-Centered Care

Here you will find an overview of person-centered care. The module contains four videos about the meaning of person-centered practice and why it is important to take a person-centered approach when meeting with clients. The videos present some of the basic principles on person-centered practice that students are introduced to at university. You will also find a lecture about what helps and hinders person-centered care.
Foster Person-Centered Care

2. How to Foster Person-Centered Care

This module presents concrete tools that can help foster person-centered practices. These include interview guides, motivation assessment guides, and a reflection tool to support professional development. 
Mentoring Students and Evaluating Performance

3. Mentoring Students and Evaluating Performance

This module explains how to best mentor and evaluate students as they seek to apply person-centered care principles. It contains examples of performance evaluation tools and an interview with a clinical supervisor, on her experience mentoring and evaluating students in the clinic.