Fit for the Future

The world of hearing healthcare is rapidly changing. Technological advances and accessibility to hearing care services, the relatively low percentage of people with hearing loss who seek help, and changing population demographics are some of the main reasons for this change. Persons with hearing loss also increasingly expect flexible and personalized care.

More than 100 hearing care professionals who participated in our Vision 2020 process identified the workspace, telehealth, and relationship between practitioner and client as particularly important areas to focus on. With Fit for the Future, you can create a personal plan for how to embrace the changes in these areas and use them to benefit your services and your clients.

By setting goals — both large and small, short and long term — you can gradually update your practice to keep up with the evolving trends in audiology. Click the above links to learn more about the trends the Ida Institute has identified. Already feeling inspired? Click the link below to start planning how to make yourself Fit for the Future.

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