Prepare for your first appointment

You have just booked your first appointment with an audiologist to find out if you have a hearing loss. Maybe you find it difficult to hear what people are saying. People around you may also think that your hearing is getting worse. If the test shows that you have a hearing loss, the audiologist will help you find the best technology. They will also help you learn how to communicate better in daily life.

It can be a good idea to prepare yourself for the appointment and the decisions you will make if the hearing test is positive. This will help ensure that your needs and concerns are taken care of. It will also guide the audiologist so that they can recommend the best treatment for you.

What you can do to prepare:

  • Think about situations that you find difficult to hear and communicate in
  • Name the people it is most important for you to communicate with
  • Think about why it is important for you to improve your hearing
  • Talk to your partner or children about how well you communicate today
  • Think about what you will do if the hearing test is positive

Tools to Help You Prepare

The tools below are designed to help you prepare for the appointment:

Living Well Online

When is it easy or hard to communicate and what can you do to make it better?

My Turn to Talk for Adults

What questions do you want to ask in the appointment and who you need to communicate with?

Why Improve My Hearing?

How would improving your hearing and communication effect your daily life?

Tinnitus Thermometer

How are you experiencing tinnitus right now?