Seminar lectures

Our seminar series on Living Well with Hearing Loss explored the definition of "living well" and how to discuss this topic with a client. Below are lectures from the seminar series. They provide background information on the development of the Living Well tool.  

Changing Behaviors

Patricia McCarthy explores the topic of changing behaviors in the context of living well, with an emphasis on the role of self-efficacy. 

Duration: 20 min 

The ICF Model and Living Well

Jean-Pierre Gagné presents the WHO ICF Model in the context of living well with hearing loss. 

Duration: 16 min 

Tales from the other side

Lesley Jones explores the topic of story telling in the context of a clinical setting.

Duration: 22 min 

Living Well

Christopher Lind discusses everyday conversation and hearing impairment. 

Duration: 23 min 

Ethnographic video

Watch the film below to get a unique insight into living with hearing loss. 

Bill, a music educator, discusses living with hearing loss and his decision to take action to improve his hearing.

The video was produced in conjunction with Ida's seminar series on Living Well with Hearing Loss.