What Is A Group AR Session?

If you have never attended or led a Group AR session before, you may be curious to learn how a session is run, who usually attends such sessions, and what type of discussions usually take place.

Below are two videos that depict two individual Group AR sessions. As you watch the videos, reflect on the different questions participants raise during the session and how the group facilitator moderates the group. 

As with all of the videos in the GROUP, the videos below should not be considered instructional videos. They are not meant to demonstrate suggestions or best practices that you can directly apply to your own Group AR sessions. The purpose of the videos are to expose you to a typical Group AR session and to help you get better acquainted with the Group AR experience. 

Facilitators and Participants Perspectives

Hear from participants and facilitators before, during, and after a Group AR session. At the conclusion of the video, group leader Jill Preminger discusses the importance and value of Group AR. As you watch the video, reflect on the different perspectives offered before the Group AR session and those offered after the Group AR session.

Proceedings of a Typical Group AR Session

Watch Sam Trychin moderate a Group AR session. He begins by reviewing the ground rules. The session then proceeds by discussing communication challenges and potential solutions.