Improved Hearing Aid Satisfaction

New hearing aid users who participated in Group AR showed improved daily ratings of hearing aid satisfaction, as compared to new hearing aid users who did not participate in Group AR. 

Evaluation of a communication course for new hearing aid users

A communication course for new hearing aid users, covering explanations of hearing loss and hearing aids, hearing tactics, lipreading and relaxation techniques in three 2 h sessions, was developed. The course was tested on groups of adults fitted with NHS post-aural hearing aids at the Audiology Clinic at the Royal South Hants Hospital. The course content, presentation, length and pace were evaluated by means of a questionnaire given at the end of the last session, and the effects on aid usage, satisfaction and benefit ratings were assessed by pre- and post-fitting questionnaires given to those who attended and to a matched group of control subjects. The course was offered to 41 men and 46 women. The acceptance rate was rather higher for women than for men, but attendance rates were similar for both sexes, men attending 33% and women 36% of the sessions offered. No relationship was observed between age or degree of hearing loss and rates of acceptance and attendance. All those who completed the evaluation questionnaire were satisfied with the content, length, pace and presentation of the course, and considered that it had helped them to understand and cope with their hearing loss. Most (28 out of 31) felt that they would use their aids more as a result of the course. However, their aid usage and ratings of benefit derived from the aids did not differ significantly from those of a matched group of controls who were not offered the course.

Norman, M., George, C. R., Downie, A., & Milligan, J. (1995). Evaluation of a communication course for new hearing aid users. Scandinavian Audiology, 24, 63-69.