Why this tool?

Hearing aids can help improve hearing and the quality of life of people with hearing loss. However, many individuals who could benefit from using hearing aids do not actually use them. And those who do use hearing aids are often left dissatisfied with them.

Research has shown that Group AR programs can be an effective way of increasing both hearing aid usage and overall satisfaction. By attending group sessions, people with hearing loss and their communication partners can meet individuals who have experienced many of the same challenges and issues regarding living with hearing loss. Group AR can serve as a powerful support mechanism for people with hearing loss.

Cathy Kooser, developer and teacher of a counseling based rehabilitation program, discusses the enormous value of Group AR to hearing care professionals.

Increased Hearing Aid Satisfaction

Research has shown that a PHL who participates in Group is less likely to return a hearing aid than one who doesn't participate. New hearing aid users showed improved daily ratings of hearing aid satisfaction.

Harvey Abrams, former Director of Research at the Army Audiology and Speech Center at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, discusses the clinical benefit of group rehabilitation for individuals with hearing loss.

Improved Quality of Life

Older people with hearing loss who attended Group AR programs showed significant improvements on hearing loss related quality-of-life scales. Meanwhile, experienced cochlear implant users found they were more assertive, had stronger coping mechanisms, and and felt an improvement in their emotional well being.

Persons with hearing loss and their communication partners express how Group AR provided them with a valuable support mechanism and helped improve their overall quality of life.

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