Tools in Action

Clinical Videos

The clinical videos are based on real ethnographic filmfootage captured by the Ida Institute and, to protect the privacy of the participants, re-enacted verbatim by actors. The tenor of the encounters is preserved in the re-enactments in order to reflect the real-life situations as closely as possible. These ethnographic videos provide insight into daily life at the clinic and offer an important "outside in" approach to reflection.

Ida senior audiologist, Melanie Gregory, uses the Communication Rings and the GPS tools to help a client and his wife set common goals for improved communication.

Watch Melanie Gregory use the GPS Tool to facilitate a discussion about communication challenges and how to address them.

Ethnographic Films

The ethnographic films below depict real-life situations at the clinic and in the homes of people with hearing loss. They provide a unique insight into audiological practice and the challenges hearing impaired individuals face in their daily lives. 

In the films, people reflect on their hearing loss in a way that is uncommon during a typical consultation session. The films offer a valuable "outside in" peek into the individual's and communication partner's perspectives on hearing loss. The films are produced by Ida anthropologists in close collaboration with audiologists and their clients.

Tony has had a hearing loss since childhood. He states that he is able to live well with his hearing loss, both professionally and in family situations. In the video, you will learn how Tony's family perceives Tony's hearing loss at home.

Meet Anthony and Elisabeth. Anthony was reluctant to recognize and take action on his hearing loss. His wife, Elisabeth, propelled Anthony to see an audiologist and get his hearing checked.

Hear this married couple talk about the challenges related to Gill's hearing loss and learn how they cope.

Meet Geoffrey and Howard. Their story highlights the importance of constructive communication partnerships.