Goal Sharing for Partners

Goal Sharing for Partners is a step-by-step guide that includes strategic questions to facilitate discussions between your client and their key communication partner. Their answers help them to establish communication goals and how to achieve them.

Goal Sharing for Partners helps the person with hearing loss and their partner to:

  • Acknowledge the hearing loss and how it affects their emotions and participation in activities
  • Express their respective feelings and points of view
  • Recognize that they have a shared responsibility to work together to improve communication
  • Establish realistic communication goals and determine the steps to achieve these goals

When to use the tool

You can use Goal Sharing for Partners at any time in the appointment. You can also revisit the tool in follow-up appointments to discuss if your client and their partner have reached their goals and are ready to tackle other difficult communication situations.

Goal Sharing for Partners is based on the Client-Oriented Scale of Improvement (COSI) and the Goal Attainment Scaling method.