A Possible Partner Journey

Partner Journey Tool

The Communication Partner Journey tool highlights the wide range of feelings and experiences communication partners pass through on their journey, which parallels and intersects with the person with hearing loss's journey.

Based on Ida's Patient Journey Tool, the Partner Journey tool aims to facilitate a better understanding of the partner's feelings and unlock their potential to positively influence the person with hearing loss's journey. 

Better understanding the journey of communication partners can help strengthen the partnership between the person with hearing loss, the communication partner, and the hearing care professional. A stronger partnership among these three parties can result in better, more person-centered care for individuals and their families. 

Collaborative Effort

The Communication Partner Journey can be used as a starting point for understanding the different stages that communication partners may travel through in response to an individual's hearing impairment.

The journey depicted here is a composite derived from the collaborative effort of the 75 hearing care professionals who attended Ida Institute's seminar on Enabling Communication Partnerships from 2009-2010.

We would like to especially acknowledge the contribution of Dafydd Stephens and the other faculty members from the Enabling Communication Partnerships seminars. 

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