Goal Sharing (GPS)

The GPS is a step-by-step guide to facilitate discussions between the person with hearing loss and their communication partner. It can help the person with hearing loss and the communication partner to:

  • Acknowledge the hearing loss and corresponding activity limitations, participation restrictions, and emotions,

  • Recognize their communication partnership and shared responsibility to work together to improve communication, and,

  • Establish realistic communication goals and determine the steps to achieve these goals.

Create Shared Goals

This framework provides a guide to systematically develop common goals beneficial to both parties. By hearing each person's point of view, you can help work towards developing common goals and agreeing on the steps towards achieving them. 

Working toward shared goals enhances the likelihood of success in improving communication. 

The GPS may be used before or after the fitting of amplification. It may also be useful to revisit the GPS after the client and partner resolve one difficult situation and are ready to tackle another one.

Sources of Inspiration

The GPS is based on the Client-Oriented Scaling of Improvement (COSI) and the Goal Attainment Scaling method. 

The tool is inspired by the collaborative efforts of 75 hearing care professionals worldwide who attended the Ida seminar series on Enabling Communication Partnerships from 2009-2010.

We would also like to acknowledge the contribution from Jill Preminger and the faculty members of the Enabling Communication Partnerships seminar series. 

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