My Turn to Talk

My Turn to Talk gives parents of children with cochlear implants a voice in their child's appointment to ensure their questions and concerns are addressed.

What are the benefits?

·         Give parents of children fitted with CIs a voice in the appointment

·         Help parents identify and address the issues and concerns that are           important to them

·         Enable parents to keep track of their child’s hearing journey

·         Enable hearing care professionals to provide personalized care that meets           the needs of individual families

Why this tool?

A diagnosis of a profound hearing loss or deafness in a child can be highly stressful for the entire family. Hearing care professionals have a lot information to convey to parents, who may not be able to absorb or process half of what's provided because of personal concerns, questions, and issues. They also might not understand the technical explanations of the diagnosis and proposed treatment.

My Turn to Talk helps parents to prepare for the appointment by giving them a way to identify and articulate their needs and concerns. This will help hearing care professionals to give them relevant information, address their concerns, and ensure that families receive necessary care.

This can include helping parents make informed choices about which CI to choose for their children or matters related to day-to-day rehabilitation. The needs of the child and his or her family will change as the child grows older, but the need to identify and address individual concerns will continue to be important for successful rehabilitation.

The tool can also be used by academics and teachers of audiology to help students put themselves in the shoes of parents of children fitted with CIs. By doing this, students will be able to reflect on parental needs and how to provide individual, flexible care.

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