Spider Web

The Spider Web survey will help you and your team gauge where your clinic is in terms of achieving your focus points for implementing person-centered care. The survey gathers the opinions of each team member anonymously and can be particularly helpful if there are quiet or skeptical participants in the group.

The first time you complete the survey the results will serve as a baseline — a snapshot of what your clinic looks like at the start of your change process. Once you have created or participated in a survey, the results can be viewed from this page (below), or accessed in the top right hand of your screen under “My Ida.”

Click “Create new survey” to get started. You will be asked to input your team’s five-to-eight focus points for change, and your team members’ email addresses. 

When you evaluate your progress down the road (we recommend every 6 months) you can repeat the survey and compare the results over time. Results will be displayed on top of one another so you can see where progress has been made and where your team still has room for improvement.