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What is the Guide?

The Change Guide is an online tool that helps you introduce the Ida tools:

  • in your day-to-day practice as a hearing care professional.
  • to your colleagues in your clinic.
  • when you want to implement the tools across the clinic or department as a manager or director.

The step-by-step process described in the guide is supported by videos showing examples of successful change, case stories and content that helps you conduct the clinical change process of your choice. You can also participate in online discussions about clinical change in the Ida Forum.

"The focus is on the clients."

A Change Guide participant reflects on his experience.

Get Started Today

  • Decide if the change you want to create is personal or if it involves your colleagues or staff and choose the right tab in the tool navigation bar.

  • Familiarize yourself with the entire process before you begin the first session.

  • Visit the Resource Library for background information about the appreciative approach to change as well as tips and tricks about how to facilitate sessions in an appreciative manner.

  • Are you ready for change? Find out with this short quiz.

Explore Personal and Team Change

To view the change guide, please login to the Ida website at the top of the page.

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