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Ida Telecare Wins Digital Health Award

Ida Telecare Wins Digital Health Award

Fri Jun 23, 2017 11:54 AMBy Amanda Farah Cox

The Ida Institute received a merit in this year’s Digital Health Awards. The recognition was for Ida Telecare in the category of web-based resource or tool.

Entries were judged on criteria such as relevance to users, clarity of target audience, credibility of information, and how up to date the tools are. Web-based resources and tools were also evaluated on whether they are easy to use and have a consistent, appealing design.

Ida Telecare is a suite of free online tools that professionals can send to their clients prior to appointments. The tools help people with hearing loss think about their needs and concerns so they can come to their appointments prepared to discuss them, and help clinicians extend their care beyond the appointment.

To learn more, visit the Telecare platform here.


    How wonderful, congratulations. I really hope this whole area can expand and grow, persistence is the key with Tele-Aud. There are so many versions/options with this way of offering person centered care and we need to make sure everyone is aware of all of them, so that location or disadvantage is never a barrier this is great recognition.

    Mon Jul 10, 2017 02:13 AMBy Frances Lockhart